Congratulations CareSuper and Industry Fund Services!

Last week (12 March), CareSuper launched a new set of ‘Planning for Retirement’ tools from IFS, developed and powered by AdviceConnect.

The tools are part of a new suite of superannuation calculators available for members that can be submitted to the IFS online advice team for review.

Developed by AdviceConnect for Industry Fund Services (IFS) the tools are able to be configured and personalised for an individual fund and embedded into their website. Members can run a number of retirement planning scenarios and then send them to the IFS online advice team for review.

This is the new model for the future of more broadly accessible, affordable financial advice. Advice where the member fills in a significant portion of their fact find online and gets to play with a workable set of real life scenarios – creating their own mini-financial plan but still being able to submit it to a formal advice team for review and further advice.

‘Planning for Retirement’ is the first of a full set of intra-fund advice tools that IFS is offering to their member fund clients.

The solution is leveraging AdviceConnect’s new XPLAN connector to create a seamless integration between the member web experience and the IFS Adviser’s XPLAN database.

Congratulations CareSuper and IFS on getting your new advice services online!

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